First pay cheque!

Hello guys! I know I've yet to start posting anything and I apologise for that. Absolutely terrible of me. But I hope everything will be fine and diddly with my new post coming up!

So right, I received my first pay cheque *inserts holy music*. So thrilled to be holding it up tho!! And I even promised myself to treat my dearest family to a dinner with that money. That was absolutely what I did :) We went down to Tang Tea House which is located at 357 Bedok Road Singapore 469545. You guys have to go there if you don't already know! It's opened daily from 11am to 4am, woah! So.... midnight snack anyone? Hahaha just kidding! If you're holding a big reunion dinner or whatsoever, I recommend you to call them ((6243 9100)) first and reserve the seats. The place is always full, I'm not even kidding. I mean who can blame them for their delicious menu *drools*.

Alright, enough of me babbling nonsense stuff. Time to get you guys drooling too! ;)

As you can already see, they are famous for their dim sums!

After a long day at work, I ordered a cooling drink mmm.

As it was the CNY season, we received 2 complimentary plates of oranges!

The above pictures are the dishes we ordered. From top to bottom: 
1) Prawn Oats
2) Crispy Sotong Ring
3) Hot Plate Beancurd
4) Seabass
5) Chilli Crab
6) Baby Gai Lan with Oyster Sauce

And then after that, my dad decided that its time for supper. O-M-G, I was full up to the throat but guys, face it, I can't say no to sweet treats *guilty*. So we headed down to McD's @ ECP. Psst! There were ice creams too but didn't manage to snap a photo before everyone started grabbing theirs.

The last 2 pictures were taken randomly because the view at night was beautiful. I couldn't capture the stars because I was using a lousy camera... which was my phone. Dang. So anyway, a nice ending to my Friday (8/2/13). I hoped you guys had a great weekend because I can smell the horrible Monday coming *gasps*. Till then!

♥ I am not affiliated or sponsored with any companies mentioned in this post. I am not getting paid for my opinions and everything was bought with my own money. Unless stated otherwise. ♥

Photos taken with: HTC Sensation XE ((8 MP, 3264x2488 pixels))


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