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First post for the category Wardrobe!! So pumped, haha! This was at Gardens by the Bay. I took lots of shots of myself but they were all so gross so these photos are the ones that are better than the rest, not that they're perfect or anything.


Dress {whatisdope} | Scarf {sghijabgirl} | Bag {perllini and mel} | Bracelet {thrift store} | Ring {beadstreet} | Shoes {overseas}

Since I was at CBD area, I put on the classic LBD (little black dress). To make it look more fun rather than boring black, I tied a scarf around the neck, having a low scoop image. This way, I can look formal and fun at the same time. Plus, I need not wear a necklace since my scarf acts as an accessory. I also wore my pearl bracelet which has a bird as the charm. It's really cutesy, hehe! My ring was one of the vintage Marilyn Monroe and really thrilled to be wearing it for the first time LOL! I had a turquoise satchel which matches my colourful scarf hehe. My black flats are really versatile for any occasion, tho I need a new one 'cus the current one seems really worn out haha.

I really had fun on that day although it was scorching hot. Hence the reason I tied my hair in a bun. Goodness Singapore is one hot mama! Alright, gotta go :-*

♥ I am not affiliated or sponsored with any companies mentioned in this post. I am not getting paid for my opinions and everything was bought with my own money. Unless stated otherwise. ♥

Photos taken with: Canon EOS 1000D ((10.1 MP, 3888x2592 pixels))


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