Landscape Shots

We all know living in Singapore is all about the money money money. We're actually just trying to survive here. Y'know, work hard play hard. But do we play hard after we work hard? Or after we work hard, do we just drag our asses back home and sleep, only to wake up to the same routine the next day? I pity the people here in Singapore who don't reward themselves after a long day at work. Maybe not a day, maybe once a week you try to have fun. Why not right?

Anyway, the other day I met up with my mum after she ended her work at her office @ Marina Bay. I suggested that we go walk around because seriously, Marina Bay has pretty awesome views for being in the CBD area.

Singapore is a pretty fantastic place to live in. We should all take a few days off from our hectic schedule and relax. Take a chill pill, right? Yes, the price to buy a house is extremely high but where in the whole world do you go out feeling protected because no one on the streets will suddenly pull a gun out and shoot the innocent bystanders? Yeap, right here in this little red dot we call Singapore.

Photos taken with: Canon EOS 1000D ((10.1 MP, 3888x2592 pixels))


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