April has arrived! And what it means for me is that school term is about to start. OMG! But before we get to that, I recently just got back from camp. Sadly, no pictures because I didn't bring along my camera and my phone ran out of batteries. The Freshmen Orientation Camp 13/14 had its ups and downs. The major down for me was that there wasn't enough attractive freshmen guys to look at, hahahahahaha!! Well, there were some seniors that were really good looking *.* I won't reveal their names tho :)))) Not many turned up for the camp considering the intake for the school I'm in is 350 people so I'm really looking forward to meeting new faces soon and cute guys hahah! I must totally seem like a bubblehead right now to you guys, oops! 

All in all, I enjoyed myself during the 3 days 2 nights camp. I must say it was the slackiest, most uncensored camp I've ever attended and I mean it in a good way ;-) Sleeping hours during the camp was less than 7 hours but it's totally fine because now I can get my beauty sleep before school starts on 8th April! I guess that's all for the short post. Thanks for the 1k views too!

PS: Any of my readers from Singapore Polytechnic under Singapore Maritime Academy? I'd love to be friends with you! Stay awesome everyone xx

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