Ho hey! Got called back by my secondary school band because they were going to have a camp. Obviously I said yes! Because during the year my batch graduated, we didn't have a camp due to the exams ): Anyway, I went there after school ended at 4pm, sighsigh. Tried to be friendly with the new sec 1s but they were all too shy hahaha!



The seniors and alumni were doing ghosts makeup for the nightwalk. I was one of the makeup artistes and I drew a unibrow for one of the ghost hahahahahaha!

Who knew ghosts could dance?

"Ghosts just wanna have funnnn"

#myfacesowhite #makeupguru #imustbeayoutuber #sexylips #boobs


My juniors could recognize me in the dark because they touched my hair and my hair was the only curled one among the other ghosts............

Exhausted ghost from all the shouting, crawling, dragging, etc. 

She liked my tee.

Early in the morning already want to pose.

Sec 5s and alumni with our fav conductor, Mr Wong!

Clarinetists 2009-2013 ♡

The 2D1N camp was a blast! Got to meet the alumni and my cute juniors. Had awesome time being the ghosts even tho I was kicked, slapped and stepped on by the juniors ): Hahahaha!! Loved hearing them scream and cry tho, it reminded me of when I was in sec 1 and we had this nightwalk. Oh well, they'll have their chance to be the ghost soon.

Didn't even sleep on the first day. Brought my laptop to camp to do some homework lol nerd alert. And then watched some youtube vids, played Twister and even caught up some of HIMYM! Band resumed at 6:30am in the morning where they were told to do drills and the seniors and alumni threw water bombs at them mwehehe! 

Then finally seniors time to pass out of the band. Watched some presentations they all put up and us alumni had to give speeches. There were so many tears. It brought me back to last year where I passed out from band too. Some people might say "yay no more cca!" but to me music was my form of escape. Not just by listening to them, I played music too. Band changed me. Okay enough sappy thoughts.

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