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Why am I happy? Because I finally had a hair makeover hehehe :) After months of contemplating and trying to choose the perfect colour for my skin tone, I finally settled in. So few days back I went down to Salon B to get my hair done. I got Oscar as my stylist. In my opinion, I think he is really hot :x

Before and after!

I think I'm quite satisfied with the colour. Oscar recommended something lighter, I was afraid I might turn blonde so I rejected. Got this colour instead! Plus, the colour makes my skin tone look a bit tanned. Just what I need. Sick of looking pale ):


Top {forever 21} | Bottom {forever 21} | Necklace {flea} | Bag {h&m} | Bangles {beadstreet} | Shoes {bugis}

Was thinking of going bold but I wasn't that brave, so I went minimal bold. Is there such a thing? LOL I don't even know. I have always admire people who are so brave to wear prints and some even clashing prints! I thought to myself, why not give it a go. Start small? I have been buying lots of printed apparels because the brave Natasha is coming out, YAY!
"Have been buying pants of many many different prints as of late. Well, for my future collection of course. Have always wanted to give the geometric trend a try and I finally did. Who says print on print is always too much and a disastrous clash? Not when you know how to mix and match and style it properly! The key point is, when it gets 'too much' and too loud, throw over something that will act as a neutral apparel for a balanced statement." - Masturah K. (one of my favvvv blogger)
I guess that's about all folks! Nothing wrong dressing up for Spring xoxo.

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