SMA FOP 13/14

Million apologies for not updating. I'm lacking of ideas to post on, oops :x Okay, continuing... I just recently had my Freshmen Orientation Programme 13/14 and it was a blast! The FOP started on 8th April and I was listed under DMB 1A 02. Saw familiar faces from camp, yay!

Apparently, my name got around and it seems easier for them to call me out instead of remembering other peoples' names ._. One of my senior, Abby, even called me and Fas lesbian lovers since we always hang out together (We're not lesb, just to be clear). Good thing about this FOP is that the whole of SMA freshies were there and I can add some eyecandies to the list, HAHAHA!!

Oh then I received some shocking news ): I had to transfer to DMB 1A 04. At first I was really reluctant. So I went to find my course manager, Captain Ang, and he told me I can't stay in 02 and I have to give 04 a chance in being friends. So yeah, I told myself I would move to 04 when school starts tho. I really want to spend few more days with 02, those crazy bunch.

So on the last day of FOP, after the Flag Day event, I asked for a class photo since I'm leaving them ): The guys were like "huh? why? then assistant class rep leh? how??". They can be so ignorant at times, hahaha! This photo isn't full 'cus not many were there but doesn't matter, if you're in here or not in this picture, I still love you guys and thank you for making my FOP days enjoyable!!

♡ DMB 1A 01/02 ♡

Then I went on a hunt (LOL actually no) to find my new classmates. They were really warm and extremely bonded, I felt welcomed! I don't know all their names nor numbers tho but it's okay, I have a long time to get to know them!

♡ DMB 1A 04 ♡

I don't know why I'm telling all of you these. Anyway, I can't believe you guys bothered to read till here, am I boring you guys yet? If not, I have a secret to share! Hahaha I really really like this particular someone in SMA! I know school has yet to officially start but I knew this person from FOC and FOP and I'm beginning to like him. I am getting myself into a whole load of crap and trouble but fear not, I will be strong! Okay, that's all I'm giving out teehee!
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