Family Blood

I finally had a shopping day out with my cousins! We barely meet and most of the times, it's only when Hari Raya. It was scorching hot man! Great decision to not wear jeans on that day *pats self on back*. Please prepare yourself for a shitload of camwhoring. Or you can just skip it entirely, whatever floats your boat ;)

ugh eyebags ugh

my neck looks extra long here......

skinny fat skinny

2 cool 4 u

#ootd snapshot in toilet because we're cool

Headed over to 18chefs for breakfast+lunch+dinner hahahaha

this shiz is da bomb

I like the way she angles her photo.


I just take extremely bad photos of food ugh *cries*

I enjoyed the day very much because I get to meet my fav cuzzies, go to town without spending over $20 (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!), eat good food and smile at attractive guys. LOL hahahaha the last one made me sound so shallow and shameless. Oh well *flips hair*. 

Anyway, stay tune for my street style posts! xoxo

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