Labour Day Haul!

Finally shopped after a gazillion years! Hahaha just kidding, it was only a month plus. But being a typical girl, if I don't shop then there's something wrong with me. Anyway, went to town on Labour Day since it's a holiday, duh!

Lugged these shopping bags all over town.

I spent like below $150 on all these items. I hate it when people complain that they can't find any decent clothing below $100. Bitch please, look what I bought. Stop going for brands all the time. It's always the quality. Okay, you might be thinking that "wtf she said stop going for brands but the items in this post are branded....". I don't blame you for thinking that way. But if I can find a plain tee for $7.90 at H&M, why must you buy one at $50 when both tees provide the same comfort. 

Anyway, I can't stop you from spending huge bucks on something simple. If you're rich, go ahead LOL. If you want to look good but have a budget, come shopping with me! I'll make you the happiest person at the end of the day ;)

Okay, here's a picture of my failed bun x
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♥ I am not affiliated or sponsored with any companies mentioned in this post. I am not getting paid for my opinions and everything was bought with my own money. Unless stated otherwise. ♥

Photos taken with: Canon EOS 1000D ((10.1 MP, 3888x2592 pixels))


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