MST stands for Mid Semester Tests...................................

I don't think year 1 poly students should have their exams this early. Like for my school, 7th week since school started and suddenly there's exams. WHAT?? Can they try to understand the drastic change from secondary to poly? Yes, in secondary school we all take 7-8 subjects and we can juggle them perfectly but that's because we studied most of the subjects since young! Now for my course, I have 7 modules altogether. No I cannot study all of them in 6 weeks or less because everything is new to me.

Did I study human resource management in secondary school? Did I study maritime personnel in secondary school? Did I study ship operations in secondary school? NO! You cannot just introduce me to poly life in 6 weeks and then hand me over exams to do and expect me to ace it and get a 4.0 GPA.

I want to do well for poly but how do I do that when I understand nothing from those 6 weeks? Now I've to cramp everything in these few days before and during MST. Partly my fault for not listening in classes or sleeping during classes but hey, isn't that normal?? I'm under so much stress trying to study everything and then I see my classmates studying harder and smarter, make me want to cry T_T



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