Ayu I.

Name: Ayu Indayani
Age: 17
Location: Orchard Central

Do you need any more examples on how to pair a denim jacket with a dress? Here's a real-life figure. Plus, she wore high cuts. Who said you couldn't mix themes?? I know many are afraid to mix and match but you wouldn't know the result if you didn't try right? Here, Ayu wore a muscle tank maxi dress with a slit at the bottom. You can't really see the top but it's okay because the point is to emphasise the below part of the dress. Her legs are to die for hence the slit. Then she donned a denim jacket which she got at a really good price for it! I like that she made a decision to wear high cuts instead of sticking to the normality. Even though she stuck to minimal makeup, I like the way she did her eyeliner. In overall, the trick is to know your body figure and flaunt it ;)

Here's my imitation I made on polyvore.
Ayu Indayani #1

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Photos taken with: Canon EOS 1000D ((10.1 MP, 3888x2592 pixels))


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