Let's go to Kuantan!

Been gone for a few days during the holidays because I was travelling, not that any would notice of course. So anyway, went down to Kuantan which is in Malaysia in case some of you don't know. Able to snap some pictures, so here they are!
((please be prepared for photo spam))

Breakfast at Johore before the 8 hour drive! *gasp*

Scorching hot ):

Finally reached the place. This is the lobby lol.

Balcony of the room!

View from balcony!

Living room!

because I was feeling 22 lol jk, please excuse my enormous dad at the back

There was this man on a horse riding across the beach hahahaha it was funny and cute at the same time!

My brother thought this was a nice picture. Oh gosh, my ass........ Must be one of the thousands of unflattering pictures of myself. But I'll be brave this time and post this picture on the net.

Sorry, felt the need to take selfies because didn't get the chance to while in the car hahaha! You may skip the selfies.

Personally love this picture bc prints on prints on prints lol

Above few pictures were when we went to some nearby night market to get dinner.

Next day's breakfast in the car while heading to Terengganu!


Floating Mosque

Pretty pretty pretty view :)))

Crystal Mosque

unf ice cream in the hot weather

Was practically on the hunt for keropok lekor bc Terengganu sells the best ones everrrrr!

As you can see, I eat a lot in the car itself...........

Please don't cry, you'll get your A&W soon.

Can I get a cotton candy frap--oops, I mean pink guava juice hehe

The next day headed to the beach.

Beachball? Volleyball? IDK

Let's play hide-n-seek ;-)

Another prints on prints haha

herro granny

): ugly teeth ):

lunch @ kfc


Last dinner before heading back to SG!

Here's a last selfie hehehe!

At first, I dreaded the getaway because there was just too many things needed to be completed back home but in the end, I figured I really needed that getaway because damn, I felt relax after such a long time. After posting all the pictures, I can conclude that I ate a lot and hence the gaining of pounds. Story of my life, guys. Forever eating, forever gaining, forever complaining, but forever doing nothing about it. Natasha's logic. Okay, that's about it. Tata xoxo :-*

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Photos taken with: Canon EOS 1000D ((10.1 MP, 3888x2592 pixels)) x HTC Sensation XE ((8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels))


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