Oh the irony...

I still remember back in those days (LOL not really that long ago) when I smirk and laugh to myself when I see people dressing up in town-worthy clothes to school. Like why are you even doing that? Polytechnic is a place for you to study, not to impress.

And then when I finally get into polytechnic, I realised the cold hard truth.

I go to school dressing up too.

I cannot help myself. I don't like to be seen as the girl who just puts on anything she can find in her wardrobe and head to school. Lazy factor is such a turn off. As a freshie, I also want to impress others. I know it's really shallow but dressing up nicely makes me feel attractive. I know I'm not attractive, that's why I used the word feel. Plus, there are many attractive guys in school that I want to catch their attention. Again, I'm being shallow. ((ugh what))

I contradict myself. I hate it when I do that. But yes, at times, I do contradict myself. xx

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