♡ SEXY SEVENTEENTH ♡ ((part 1))

As you can see from the titled post, it's about my 17th birthday! Honestly, I didn't expect anything much because this year my birthday is during fasting month and what can you actually do during fasting month right? But alas, I've actually gotten the best birthday in years. HANDS DOWN!!
So on 9th July 2013, 2 days before my actual birthday, my classmates surprised me with 2 pizza cakes! Hahaha, I honestly didn't know they were going to do that. Except their convo in Mandarin tho, that got me annoyed a bit because I couldn't understand shit :( We were like having break time and sat in FC2 and we were all doing our own stuff when Eve and Iffah went to buy food. Then they came back with 2 boxes of pizza, EXTRA LARGE some more!! I teared a bit okay, yes I get very emotional over small things hahahaha don't judge!

my gleeful smile hehehe

luvly classmates

The following pictures were taken on my birthday. Sucks having your birthday on a school day ): Had to sit through boring Ship Ops but luckily it ended early!

cards from them :-)

Dearest Nurul Afiqah came over to my house with Danial to hand me over my present; Famous Amos Cookies!!! Couldn't ask for a better sissy :-)

So anyway on my birthday, the plan was to chillchill with Fas at Starbucks after breaking fast but I was too darn lazy to get out of the house after I reached home. LOL little did I know I was such a party pooper. So instead, Fas and Ash came over under my block to give me a mini surprise hahahaha so cute! They spammed my messages, whatsapp, and twitter to get me to come down. They got me a fairy themed cake because my twitter name on my birthday was prince$$. Yes, I was a princess for a day!

In addition, they got me a bag of food............. Fasting month guys, when to eat?? Hahaha but thank you peasants for the food and letters :-) 

This bag was from Gladys. She got me food too. Wow, my friends know me so well.

Okay, I'll stop here for the moment and continue in the next post because there'll be an overload of photos and I wouldn't want to cram everything in one post though. xx 

Continue to next part here :-)


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