♡ SEXY SEVENTEENTH ♡ ((part 2))

Okay, moving on to part 2 of my 17th birthday LOL. By the way, the blur photos were taken by my dearest family members. Honestly though, they all need to go for photography lessons -.- I cannot have them destroying my photos when they go behind the camera. Sheesh. I still love my family very much hehe.

11th & 12th July kids ☺

So anyway, on 12th July, a day after my birthday, I thought I was going to spend the night practicing on my clarinet for next day's performance. So I locked myself in my room and blasted my instrument. Then I received a call from Nurin to come down and meet her. So I changed out of my jammies and went down. She was with Reena tho. During that time, I didn't think that anything was weird because Nurin wanted to pass me a cake and she didn't know how to get here and luckily enough, she bumped into Reena and Reena brought Nurin here. I thanked them and went back up to continue on my clarinet. LOL #dedicatedbandmember okay.

I reached home and suddenly I see a pair of slippers I didn't recognise. I dropped the subject tho because I couldn't be bothered. Then I went into the kitchen and I see my dad cooking. I was like "are we eating again? We just broke fast guys...." Still, I didn't care much and went back into my room. My level of ignorance was that high for that night guys. Bloody hell. So as I was practicing my piece, I heard a knock on the door. I didn't even lock that time and I just said "come in, I didn't lock". But the knocking still came and I was so annoyed I went to open my door.

To my surprise, guess who were standing there? My friends. MY FRIENDS WERE STANDING OUTSIDE MY ROOM!! I was in utter shock. Like how the heck did they come in without me suspecting anything? Plus, my bedroom window was facing the corridor. Why didn't I see shadows or hear noises? Was my practicing the clarinet that loud LOLOLOL!! They were all in birthday masks and they laughed when they saw my reaction. Priceless. They said I opened the door then got shocked then close the door then opened and closed and finally opened again. Seriously, I thought I was in a dream. I went to hug the girls. Sigh, they all are such sweeties.

And luckily, I didn't change into my jammies yet and remove my bra........ My instinct was damn right.

Some of the food my family and friends prepared!

My dad's famous fondue mmm!

Brownie cake for the birthday peeps by Amalia :-)

Everyone, please meet my weird boys at the back. What are they even doing.....

And then there's the gangster Malik (furthest right) hahaha!!

A photoboard of my friends & I. Sigh, look how skinny I was back then hahahahaha!! Zaman kurus babe.

Presents from my family :-)

Here's a picture of fatty me with my helium balloons. BTW look at that time, 11pm and my friends were still over my house. :''')

June was shitty to me. July came and so far, the best month for this year. I thank Allah for the online friends, my classmates, my peasants, my Geng M, and especially my family. They made my 17th birthday the best so far. Yes, this year's birthday tops the other birthdays that were held in chalets, hotels, etc. Even though this year was only at home, I loved every second of it. Thank you everyone for making my 17th a memorable one. Since 9th July to 12th July, thank you everyone who was part of all the surprises you gave me. xx


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