Aidilfitri 2013

It has been almost a month since I last updated? O-M-G tho?? So sorry because exams and hari raya and ugh so many things going on. So anyway, it's the holidays for me and I'm working hence another reason for the lack of update. I have like a gazillion (ok no maybe just 2-3) posts I have in mind but I've yet to take photos and collate them all together. Nevertheless, here's some pictures I took during Raya :-)

so like yeah, baking cookies duh

This year's raya theme for my family is English. Like y'know with all the floral and country style lol idk ok just being pretty.

♥ –عائلة ♥

mandatory raya selfie #1

my first day ootd lol i look so awks lol
here's a better picture:

they're so fat and cute and ugh i can pinch them all day errr'day

cutie pies

2nd day to kubur :-)

mandatory raya selfie #2

we don't look alike??¿?

ootd for second day and wearing red bc national day (im patriotic)

3rd daya raya feeling mysterious

SUCKS TO BRING NOTES OVER PEOPLE'S HOUSES DURING RAYA UGH!! It's like last year's O levels again...... I remembered my first day raya 2012 I brought my social studies textbook. Yup.

monochrome day

w/ my fab cuzz

oooh bra strap hahahahHAHAJKJNKDS sorry

angry bc people always ask me if i'm working or schooling........ if you don't want to give me duit raya, then don't ok nobody is forcing you

sad bc tired lol 

So like yeah if you count the number of clothes I wore this year, it was only 5 (not counting the one I wore to the grave). So basically I went for raya for only 5 days. I still have one more kurung I have yet to wear....... Nevermind, save for hari raya haji lol. Okay, that is all for this post mwehehe bye xoxo

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Photos taken with: Canon EOS 1000D ((10.1 MP, 3888x2592 pixels)) x iPod Touch 4th Gen ((0.7 MP, 640x960 pixels))


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