One Last Night with A Rocket To The Moon

Been a month since ARTTM broke up and more than a month since I last saw them :'-( I remembered listening to their songs and pretending I was one of the characters in their songs and kind of played along. I still get a bit sad when I listen to their songs. It's like memories.


Their cheesy hit song, Like We Used To, is really heartbreaking. Even if you guys have never been into a relationship before, I swear it will hit you hard. Then their next and sadly last album came out and that was when they announced they were going to break up. I was honestly devastated. And when I found out they were coming to SG, I immediately kept a look out for tickets being sold. I ain't missing out their first and last show in SG.
in the cab mwehehe

my side profiles very chubby hahahahaha

lost monkey

red lips pale face nice finger fuck face ;-)

the boys looking good and sounding awesome

happy faces after the concert


kakak hipster

tired already

#wecantstop #wewontstop

last kopek

merch :-))))

Cr: Upsurge

I'm not going to upload any videos because erm my phone's quality is really suckish. I myself can't even hear what I recorded so yeah. Quite disappointing. Anyways, that was one memorable day. Couldn't get to hug my boys because of stupid security but I got their autographs?? That's pretty cool right hahaha! I love you Nick Santino, Eric Halvorsen, Andrew Cook, Justin Richards ♥♥♥♥ It was one of my favourite nights (27/8/13) hands down. It's sad to see ARTTM breaking up but life has to move on, they all have different careers they want to pursue. I'm happy if they're happy, corny so what?

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