wtf does SMAC SCBC 13/14 stands for??

Singapore Maritime Academy Club Sub Committee Bonding Camp (for year) 2013/2014

the only 2 bimbos that turned up for camp

First it was SLAYERZ, followed by PENDEKAR KETUPAT (bc of the green cloth) and finally BURDEN. Long story so yeah, we're the burdens.

"Guys! Pretend you're running!"

We came in first for the Mini Amazing Race 1 (also part 2)! So what we're the burdens? We rule!

w/ Poseidon

SMAC 13/14

at night rehearsing for our performance

Sing Along sesh turned out to be lepak sesh

as you can see the next day we wore the same tee hmm

Web of Emotions

The camp was fantabulous!! I thought my group would be weird and awks but really, they're all fun people! I love the burdens! My family of misfits hahaha I have no idea how we get along but we did and I'd like to thank my first burden aka Haziq for being a fun group leader ((pls dont cry haziq)). It has been a week since camp ended and the number of friends I've made or found out more about them is uncountable?? ((LOL JK but yeah)) SMAC is like my family. We fight, argue but we still love each other. Or at least I do? Hehehe x

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Photos credit: Sara Chiew


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