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It's a day for pastries and cakes and small bites! I wanted to go to Cafe Le Caire and chill because the interior is really peaceful. But to my surprise, another cafe took over. I decided like why not give this a try. Checked the menu and looked quite appetizing so me and my poppys went inside.


table layout

the counter


our order mwehehehe

Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream + Brown Sugar Cookie with a side of chocolate syrup. My fav order out of the rest because it is both creamy, chewy, just the right amount to perfection.

"Can we have s'mores pie please?" The s'mores was really chocolate-y, for serious chocolate lovers only aka me! Please take the roasted marshmallow literally because yeap.

Rose with French Vanilla tea by the pot. The first thing that came to my mind after taking a sip was "wow, like pakcik-pakcik kat kedai kopi ((translation: wow, like the old uncles at coffeeshop))". Hahaha but seriously, the tea tasted good plus the scent it gives out was fab.

Smoked salmon sandwich with a side of chips. First off, salmon not that smoked. And the side chips tasted different. Not sure if it's the flavor or just me. 

We got the rainbow cake in a jar because we had the salted caramel one from the same label the other time and it was good. But I guess I put my hopes too high because the rainbow cake was just a normal cake (duh). I'm dumb.

Really cute on the inside!

I really have to start bringing out my dslr more often to take better quality pictures, I am so sorry. Anyway, like I said earlier on, we wanted small bites which you can call it tea break. It was a sort of gloomy interior but it brought a relaxing atmosphere (also reason why some photos are dark). What supposed to be small bites turned out to be "eh that looks nice! omg that too! we should get 1 of each" tea break. #fatproblems

We spent like 3.5 hours in there just eating, laughing, chilling, taking small zzz and luckily we weren't thrown out, haha! This is a cafe I'm proud to share with all of you. Besides, this cafe is a backpacking hostel cafe. Expect angmohs to lounge around ;-) xoxo

(working title)
48 Arab Street

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