I miss India ):

I missed the school trip I had to India in year 2011. It was filled with so much fun and we're really lucky to get to go on the trip with fun teachers instead of the normal strict ones because we get to be ourselves and do whatever shit we want in the hotel rooms ;))) Hahaha what are you guys thinking huh. 

I miss the long hours of flight, the awesome plane food, the exchanging of hotel rooms, the sharing of room with group members, the staying up late just to watch movies, the running around hotel to take videos and pictures, the superb meals provided, the shopping, the meeting of new Indian friends (and some were really attractive, I must say), the embarrassing moment I had when I walked out of my room in just a blouse and bottomless (HAHAHAHA!!), the Diwali celebration. If only I noted down everything I did when I was there, hmph, now I forgot everything except for those details above LOL.

I also miss how fair I looked, how my hair is really manageable and how skinnier I was. Okay, not really skinny but better than now. Meh, what a random post. Toodles!

♥ Happy Diwali everyone ♥

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