YES YES YES! It's that time again, where me and my poppys go out to shop, chill and eattttt :-)

selfies of us sitting on the swing (which cannot be seen LOL)

Honestly this time I don't remember any of the food names. Sorry.

rooftop :-)

Well okay here's my review. The food isn't worth the money you're paying for. I don't know, I expected something special or extra if I'm paying $20+ for a meal (incl drinks). Make that meal both my lunch and dinner. Probably some of you will be contented because the portion they gave is a hefty one considering the amount you paid. I prefer surprises on my plates.

Anyway, there can't possibly be only negative reviews about this cafe right? Right. Because I absolutely love the interior and design of the place!! As you can see from the pictures above, the place is well-lit, well-decorated and gives off a homely feeling. Also, the cafe has wifi (YAY!) and power plugs for people who need to do assignments. And did I mention, multi storey??! I am honestly excited about describing the place to you guys right omg. Basically the cafe is suited for everyone, from students to working adults to couples! 

I'd come here again for their homely space :-) It's home away from home, hehe!

d' Good Cafe
273 Holland Ave
Singapore 278992

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