SPSU 54th Appreciaton Dinner

Hello dearies!!! Holidays just started and my calendar of events is filling up (aka projects, work, work, work, shopping, projects and so on). Recently, got invited by Singapore Polytechnic Students Union to their 54th Appreciation Dinner held at Shangri-La Hotel.

By the way, this is the part where I spam lots of photos. Just sayin'.

The theme was Oscars. I don't know how to dress to that so I just put on black and gold and red, classic right? :-)

Dress {topshop} | Necklace {topshop} | Bangle {talisman} | Earrings {talisman) |
Bag {rubi} | Heels {online}

quick groupies w the girls

pix w my pubs head & asst head

us w President Roliah, sooooo pretty *.*


interior & deco

♡ table 17 


hello fellows

Andy kissing Afif w lipstick on hahahahahahaha

as you can see, we played some games


we called random people to take photos w

"gimme yr fiercest face" "wait wha- *clicks*" i can't

us w dramatic Abbie!

mah bitch


At first was contemplating between taking the train or taxi, and trying to save face, I took the taxi lol. I got rejected by 3 taxis when I told them I want to go to Shangri-la. C'mon guys, easy money sia. In the end, there was this nice uncle who took me in and drove quite fast and smooth so the fare was quite cheap! The night was amazeballs! Got to see some cuties, ate good food and was entertained the entire night. Can't wait for SMA AGD 14/15 where I'll be organizing, hope it turns out good as this.

Anyway, you guys obviously must have been wondering "where the f is the food?? I want to see the food!!!" Hahahaha chill your titties, that post is coming up soon! Keep a look out for it :-*

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