Thank you to everyone who have made my 2013 a bearable and sometimes enjoyable one! That year has opened me up to many new things and I'm proud of myself for taking on some risks. I'm not entirely brave but I've proven myself that I can do things one step at a time.

I went to a new school, made new friends, new loves, new heartbreaks, basically trying out new things. I am only human, and to err is human. Everyday we make new mistakes and we shouldn't beat ourselves up for being stupid because learning is the process of growing up. I'm growing up.

We should always take notes of the little things that make us happy because we don't want to die a sad life, we want to die a happy life. Therefore I suggest everyone to have a bucket of happy notes like what I did in 2013. When 31st December 2013 came, I was so excited to read my happy notes so when I start 2014, it'll be on a great one. And honestly, I did start 2014 on a good note! I assure you, writing down these little things that brightened up your day will in the end brighten up your life. :-)

& oh, did I mention that I dipdyed my hair green? ;-) xoxo

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