Topman Topshop Haul!

Finally a post on my hauls! The recent one was in December. Gosh, the lack of posts...

Anyway, as some of you all know, I was working part-time as fashion coordinator in Topman. Me, being a shopaholic, could not resist buying the clothes there. Basically, here are the things I bought while working there for 6 months. 

Topman Haul

Here I have my cold weather clothes; parka and pullovers.

Moving on to my long sleeved shirts. Checkered and vintage looking ones!

And got myself a floral mesh tee and 5 pairs of socks.

Obviously, when there's Topman, there will be Topshop. And when I'm not working or on my break, I'll head over next door to look around for clothes that might attract me. So here's the things I got.

Topshop Haul

Them bulky things; ripped jeans and faux leather jacket.

Dresses are the easiest things to wear tbh, you put 1 on and done.

My crop tops and a cartoon printed tee.

After calculating, I spent around $300++ for all of these. But not on one go of course. "Be a workaholic to be a shopaholic" they say. Speaking of work, it has been a week since I resigned due to exams and wanting to take a break from the hectic schedule. I miss working with the best colleagues, sigh. Now I'm just gonna enjoy my 2-month holidays and do whatever I wanted to do when I couldn't the last holidays xx

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♥ I am not affiliated or sponsored with any companies mentioned in this post. I am not getting paid for my opinions and everything was bought with my own money. Unless stated otherwise. ♥

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