SMA Appreciation Dinner 2014

I designed that damn poster!!! Which took me months!!! So a pat on the back for myself!!! Why are there so many exclamation marks, idk!!!!!1!!! HAHAHA ok stop. It's not so wow to begin with but A for effort, yes? 

self made photo booth props hahahaha

the dinner hall

table decorations

photographers aka each others' date aka lonelygirls96

♡ organising committee 

The theme was Great Gatsby but as you can see, we didn't really give a shit hahaha! Too busy with preparation till no time to shop for clothes, but that's fine because everyone looked amazing that night. As I was the photographer for that night, there's rarely any photos of me. Boooo ): No time to take selfies or #ootd either, sigh. All in all, I enjoyed the night and extremely relieved that the whole event was smooth. After all those hectic days, nights and meetings, we finally did it. Pat on the back for everyone! Definitely a night to remember by :-)

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