To Kuala Lumpur with S$350

Hello everyone! I just got back from a short vacay with my mom and my sissy (aka bestestfriend in the whole wide world)! It has been months since I saw her (sissy) and finally got the chance to meet her and spend a few days together. It had been an amazing trip and I enjoyed every moment of it :-) As you can see from the above, I spent around SGD350 for transportation, hotel, food and shopping. Quite affordable if I say so myself.

PS: Get ready for photo spams!

So like I was suppose to go KL in the morning but something cropped up and my mum left with sissy to go off first. I only headed for KL in the afternoon. Anyway moving on, went KL alone (boohoo!) and when reached immediately checked in because I was that tired.

The second day we went shopping. Berjaya Times Square, Pavillion, Lot 10, Sungei Wang and back to the hotel at night. Dinner was noodles in a cup because we're all too tired to get any dinner. Satisfied my tumtum hehe!

The next morning, view from the room :-)

mmm heavy breakfast


sissy, me and cuzzy

tired @ F21

idky we took pix w them??

The next day we drove up to Bukit Tinggi. The weather was marvelous because even though the sun was shining brightly, it was actually really cooling. What's more, views were amazing. I felt like I was in a different country, the quiet side of Holland or Australia or something. 

the darn swan pecked me after I took this selfie ):

tryna take selfies w the swan

I'd go here again because scenery was amazing, there's tranquility and serenity.

Went up the tower to take more pix!!

Lunch @ Le Poulet Roti

hahahahahaha @ my lips, its as if idk how to apply my lipstick properly smh

candid moment w sissy and granduncle hehe

purple lips w purple flowers eh

Ice cream crepe mmmdap!!

At night, cuzzy fetched us to go Publika and dropped by +Wondermilk to get some cake in a jar(s) hehe. The cafe was really cute, would have preferred to sit in there but it was almost closing time so we only bought the cakes and out of there.

They had Tiger, Red Velvet and Rainbow cake in a jar(s)!! Plus assorted cookies and sweet snacks. 

The interior was really cute. Also, I took a glance at the menu and the food there is affordable!! Hopefully I get to go there again and try out the cafe :-)

prata tissue for supper

Finally the last day. Had a hearty breakfast, absolutely love the pancakes because it was so chewy. Did a last minute shopping, chilled in the room and finally going home.

these are the things I bought at KL (excluding my bracelet and nail polishes)

So yeah, I definitely enjoyed my short vacay. This is my first time overseas with a friend besides school trip ofc. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my sissy, the longest friend I've ever had, which now holds the title of being my sista from anotha mutha (& futha), for sticking with me through thick and thin. Although we rarely meet, the connection is still strong. The times in the hotel room without my mum when we shared stories and gossiped, I never want to lose that moment. I remembered when we were in Primary 1 and was enrolling for madrasah (weekend religious class) and I saw you and I told my mum "I know her, she's from the same school!". And when we went back to school on Monday, I guess that's when we started being friends. So many memories I shared with you and in sha Allah, may this sisterhood last forever since 2003. I love you till eternity and pray that everything goes smoothly for you in your life! To more crazy trips in the future! 

PS: If you ever want a room mate, pick me because we have the same shoe size so like yeah benefits right there honey, hehe!

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