3 months overrrr

Weheyyy. Haven't updated since April?? LOL, blame school and my boring life! But anyway, here are some snippets of what happened during my first term of year 2 :-)

Hockey Carnival (24/5)

players for that day hehe

minahs of the team

ahlians of the team

Saw some familiar faces from primary and secondary school! Was scorching hot btw, and I got darker and the tan lines are damn obvious sigh ): Spent my whole saturday with them cursing at other team, screaming for our team and laughing at how ridiculous we all look like. Even coach agreed hahaha!

Last day of school (5/6)

Watched Maleficent with my fav girls after our last paper! The movie was damn awesome. I never really liked fantasies or cartoon related but Angelina Jolie changed my mind, thumbs up to that! Laughed a lot with them, no more worries or stress about papers and cheers to 3 weeks of holidays :-)

Hockey girls outing (7/6)

Went to ECP to cycle with the team mates and bonded with some of the freshies. My butt ached because of cycling ): but overall I had fun. We ate big hahaha and also played truth or dare under the stars after dinner.

Got through the first term of year 2 hehe. I despise one of the modules I'm taking so it's another 3 more terms to go, booo. Also, I went to We The Kings' concert on 4th June 2014. Will talk about it on another post! xx

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