To Bandung with S$600


6am face zzz

I really need new shoes.........

took a gazillion of these photos and finally got the best 4, sigh at my life

it's so fluffyyyyyyy

i'm so fancehhh

Anyway, reached Bandung at around afternoon. Checked in and then went shopping at Dago District! No photos because I was too busy shopping, duh. After shopping, went for dinner.

Not sure if you guys follow me on twitter but I did tweet something embarrassing that happened to me that night. So I was wearing platforms the whole day and lots of walking for shopping. I was dead tired and suddenly my legs gave way and I fell on dirt. My mum then quickly told my dad to pick me up but I said "nooo don't touch me" and I just laid there. It wasn't even because of the pain in my ankle, it was just how comfortable the ground seemed to me at that point of time. I was that tired that I'd rather stay on the ground than get back up and find food.

The next day. While waiting for the rest to get ready for breakfast, took some selfies and a pic of my tan on the arm/hand and sent it to the boy. Hahahaha, I look like a chocolate dipped vanilla cone with some parts of the vanilla not touched by chocolate ((okay, now I'm getting hungry)). And so he told me to cover myself up hahaha damn I was wearing my sleeveless skater dress but it's okay, I can pair it up with my parka. 

I seriously hate my tan. It's so uneven, I just can't. Damn you camps and trainings.

Anyway, went to Floating Market. Scenery was b-e-a-u-tiful, got to take some nice shots I guess. It was really sunny but cooling at the same time. One of the many reasons why I love Bandung.


cute blue birds

world cup mini burgers???

flavoured chiffon cake shaped like a banana, so cuteeee

S$1 fries, I'm not even kidding.

it's a sausage, don't ask me why it is served like that, it's still nice

cendol with no nuts (YESS) under the sun

enjoying my coffee like a sophisticated woman i am ;-)

ayy waddup

typical tourist shot

Then off to Kampung Daun for lunch. Dined in huts and surrounded by greenery and huge waterfall *.*

I don't know what we ordered nor do I remember the names of the food, so don't bother asking hahaha. What I do know is that we had a great lunch, Indonesian cuisine isn't that bad after all.

After lunch, went shopping at Cihampelas Walk. Not much there for me, just a shopping mall (lame bc sg is filled with malls, not interested) and the outlets there were mostly catered towards tourists who wants to buy every goddamn souvenir. Complained to dad the lack of shopping so our driver brought us to Jalan Riau. YESSA! Bought a number of items, hehe.

Then it was getting late and time for dinner. Drove up to The Stone Cafe.

Wasn't hungry so I just ordered chocolate lava cake and some sort of fruit fizzy drink??

some of the other food ordered

There was also a live band playing and the singer was great!! He even sang All Of Me by John Legend.

Reached hotel and still needed to complete my assignment. As you can see, I wasn't very happy about it.

purpur lipstick for the day weeeu

step part 2 hahahaha wtf

can go back to sleep sia wait for the rest to get ready

....or can take selfies

So on the 3rd day, it's just shopping. Went to Rumah Mode, one of the biggest and popular factory outlet in Bandung! Then to Paris Van Java, Jalan Trunojoyo, Black Shoes and back to hotel around evening. The traffic jam was annoying but at least the people there were polite and considerate. If it was Singapore, everyone would be cursing at each other and honking every second.

Spent quite a time in Rumah Mode because huge selection of clothes. Paris Van Java didn't attract me much. Jalan Trunojoyo for local brand shops at affordable prices. Cater towards more of what teenagers wear nowadays. Black Shoes for shoes, duh hahahaha. Travelled around in their taxis and another cheapo ones idk what it's called. The cheap rides costs me 30 cents while the taxis there start at 70 cents!!! I don't mind taking taxis everyday if I live in Bandung.

Ready to fly back to SG, morning flight booo ):

So that's basically what I bought at Bandung. After months of not shopping, I finally got to shop freely and spent about S$300. The other S$300 goes to accomodation, flight, food and transportation. So yeah, S$600 to Bandung for 4d3n. Worth it. As you can see, I bought lots of collared shirts. I don't know, they attract my eyes and money. Followed by many tees, printed bottoms and accessories. I'm not going to show one by one what I bought, too lazy for that hahaha. 

What I like about Bandung is the huge selection of apparels going at really cheap prices. The transportation is also cheap. The people there are nice, kind and considerate. You can cross a busy road without having the fear of being hit by an oncoming vehicle. The weather is amazing, you can get both vitamin C and still feel cool at the same time. The best part is free wifi at every factory outlet!!! How can I not be happy right? Natasha is a happy girl :-) If God wills, I'll definitely visit Bandung or Bogor for more retail therapy that won't form a hole in my wallet xx

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