We The Kings Concert

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yay our wrist tags!!

helium balloons every frickin where

camera couldn't focus properly lol but it looks tumblr-ish to me so shut up

pre concert selfie

post concert selfie

So the concert was on 4th June 2014. Basically, I still had exam papers on that day and the next. But WTK is in Singapore for the first time, how can I ever miss that right?? YOLO. Paper ended at 5pm and the concert doors open at 6pm hahahahaha rushed from SP to Coliseum, luckily it isn't that far from school. Thank God for friends who reached there earlier so I kinda cut queued hahaha shit but who cares, a lot do that during concerts anyway. 

Opening act was a local band called Orange Cove. The first time I heard them, I thought they sounded like WTK, the music and all. Then they admitted that WTK was one of their inspirations so basically, its a no wonder they sound similar.

Back to WTK. They were frickin awesome!!! Been listening to them since my primary school days, no kidding! Bet a lot have heard of their famous second single "Check Yes Juliet"! To finally meet Trav, Hunter, Danny, Coley and Charles, ahhhh dream come true!!

Set list was amazingggg. The crowd was awesome too, we were all so hyped and jumping and moshing??? A girl even body surfed and got caught by the security hahahahahaha damn, concerts bring out the wildest in people. Took more videos than pictures but the sound was horrible on recording, ugh. They do no justice, istg. 

I wished the night didn't end. Overall, I definitely enjoyed myself. I frickin love We The Kings and hopefully they'll come back again just like they promised :-) Oh, here's a short vid. xx

You, you guys, and I mean everyone of you. So you guys are like "is he talking about me?". Yes, I'm talking about you. Every single one of you are the reason that we are on this stage. Without you, we would be back in the United States of America, somewhere boring. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!! This is quite possibly one of the most incredible shows we ever played. We heard you guys were fucking crazy but we didn't know that you were fucking crazy! So this next song, from all the way to the left side, all the way to the right side, from my front row, all the way to my back row and everybody in between. Every single person has to dance and if you don't know how to dance, that's even better. I want you to do the most awkward dance moves you can possibly imagine. So this next song, this next song is all about dancing and I can't dance but I'm gonna be up here and dance for you. So I'll ask one more time, ARE YOU READY??! ((directly quoted from Trav))
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