Breaking Eazy

roasted potato and chicken suppe

gazpacho crab cakes

beef ravioli with le ragu sauce

le scallops with basil cream

noitre roast halibut

le paella mixta

homemade waffle

Went to break fast with my fav popiahs at Eazy Eazy Kitchen. Apparently, we had to make reservations via whatsapp. Cool? Cool. Also, there was this Iftar Set as you can see from one of the pictures above. 

We all ordered the same appetizer; roasted potato and chicken suppe. It was soup? Served hot so I kind of enjoyed it. Then ordered one of each starters. I personally enjoyed le scallops with basil cream. The beef ravioli with le ragu sauce looked pretty but I only liked the beef. And warning, don't order gazpacho crab cakes. What was that even?? Athirah ordered noitre roast halibut while Dian & I ordered le paella mixta. Athirah's dish was delicious mainly because the fish was soft and tender. While for mine and Dian's, it felt like we were eating cold hard rice. The beef was like chewing on paper. I only ate all the chicken. And lastly, we ordered the same dessert; homemade waffle. Hallelujah, that's the only thing we all agreed we enjoyed. But that's because it was compared to other shitty dishes. Didn't buy any other cakes tho they looked appetizing because we were full by then.

You may pay the cafe a visit at your own risk. Luckily the dinner was worth it because of great company, xoxo.
Eazy Eazy Kitchen
27 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199445

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