SIBF 2014

Mr Wong!!

luv u clarinetists

I've always enjoyed making music. As a band member, it takes time and patience to create the perfect music for audience and of course for ourselves. Always having to turn up for practices, rain or shine, sick or healthy, because of passion. I've been glued to my instrument ever since secondary 1 and oh, how I didn't want to part with it when I reached secondary 4. Often after school, my friends & I will head to the band room to practice on our pieces or just hang out. Most of the time, the former. It's cliche, but music is our escape. It was always embarrassing to be called out by our instructor when not knowing how to play a certain part so we've instilled self-discipline to keep practicing until we can reach our best. Performing for competitions, performances or exchanges have always made me nervous but relieved by the end of it. It gave me a certain adrenaline rush.

Even after graduating from Westwood sec, I'd still help WWCB whenever I can. And yesterday, was my last competition as an alumni, SIBF 2014. I love WWCB but I also have current studies to catch up on. Hopefully one day, I'll change my mind and go down to help again. But as of now, that's the end of my concert band career? Hahaha idk but ya. It was a bittersweet moment because it was my last competition and we received Gold!! Till we meet again, Channing (yes I name my instrument after one of the hottest guys on the plant), xoxo

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