humble 18th

I finally turned 18 on 11th of July. Since it was the fasting month (boo!), no celebration. But still went out for a birthday dinner with my friends. Before that, my usual happy pills gave me their present and cards but I didn't get to take pics with them because of time constraint! ): Still grateful for them even tho their surprise failed because I saw their whatsapp chat hahahaha!!

sunflower from my qt

yes, faseha is totally normal

went here for the 2nd time, love it bc of their waffles and pancakes!!

Eat Play Love
28 Aliwal Street #01-07
Singapore 199918

Then on 12th of July, had to go on a night cycling rackie. Before that, we went to break fast at Spize. My dear SMAC members surprised me with swensens ice cream cake for desserts!!! So sweet of them. Yet again, I saw their whatsapp chat on one of their phones hahaha! My friends suck at keeping secrets.


Really appreciate everyone's efforts into celebrating my birthday. I love each and everyone of you, a memorable 18 for sure. Now time to get my licence, hehe!

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