Yes, school is officially out for me! And for the rest of the academic year because I'm gonna be having intern for the next semester. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but oh well, experiences!

So the girls & I obviously wanted to celebrate the end of our Year 2 lives hahahaha so we decided to cafe hop at Strictly Pancakes!

Don't bother asking me the names of the food, too delicious for me to remember. However tho, they're very fulfilling so like after you eat 1 pancake on your own, you're kind of done with it. So it's better to share. As you can see on the next few photos, we didn't finish ours.

Amazing amazing amazing day to end off the exams with my girls. Here's to our intern life that will be starting soon and frequent meet ups to laugh and be laughed at :*

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674

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