September Weirdos

Wanted to surprise the 2 girls on the most left because it was their birthday and let's just say it was the most unplanned successful birthday surprise ever?? Obv thanks to those 2 on the most right, aka me & Irfan. We were really great actors okay.

yasss we the ko0l k1ds

me & Mai tryna be one of the boys hahahaha we ain't got no muscles sigh

Happy 18th to the September ladies :-) 

That's the first part, moving to second.

us all huddled up in the lift otw to Rauf's house to surprise him

birthday boy so happy get to eat pizza

"kk decent photo first"

"now what pose??"

"kk now i become the bully" "what are you even"

"you listen here you lil shit"

basically our friendship forever and always hahahahaha

Okay, so second part of the September Weirdos. So many backup plans for this burden right here. We thought of going to his Sunday match but we didn't know the exact place. Then we decided to have it under his block with candles and blindfolding him. But super leceh. So we finally decided just to surprise him at home. But we need him out of the house first. So we called his mum up and told her to make Rauf run errands. Mind you it was 8 p.m, like who needs to buy things at night?? Everyone would probably be chilling at home or asleep right. But as the eldest son, he did without arguing hahahaha amazing. 

So when we reached his house, we prepared the food and closed the windows and doors. When suddenly one of the windows open and appeared Rauf's face. We were all so shocked like we couldn't process the whole thing. How did that happen?? We wanted to surprise him but in the end he surprised us. It was a funny incident anyway hahahaha! A day to be remembered. But yeah, after that we chilled at his house until it was time to go home.

From the last 4 photos, you can see that I'm the bully. Have been and will always be one. It's just too easy for me to bully him but I still luv him. One of my best guy friends I can say, knows me too well. But is also a bitch.


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