bow down bitches

the campers are amazingly talented

and then there's ours..... presenting the organizing comm and helpers' flag lol

this my peasant hehe

want step cool and walk around at night with walkie talkie

I don't understand my seniors sometimes

they fricKIN TRICKED ME!!!!!1!!!

so my makeup is perf right?? matches the skin tone amirite

me tryna be geisha lol nope not sexy enough

What's a camp if they're not screwed up in some way or another? Another challenge, another obstacle but we made it. Thanks to those 2 above, Haziq and Ira, for making this camp a fun one for us and also the campers. Oh, thanks to the campers for letting us show you a good time. 

Oh, the memories. 

Remember when I blogged about last year's SCBC hahaha how time flies. Last year I was a sub comm and this year, I'm in the main comm. The responsibilities are endless but let's not forget, there's always fun for every work.

I hope everyone had a great time. I surely did. Here's to the remaining year of being in main comm. Let's do this!
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Photos taken with: Canon 1000d x Olympus E-PL6 x iPhone5s


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