Intern hasn't been good from the start. Being in a company that is one of the richest carrier in the whole world is pressurizing, I must say. Any mistake and everyone goes berserk because money is super important to them. I don't get to "learn", they expect you to KNOW every goddamn thing they do in the business. Like hello, I've only been here for a few weeks compared to the rest of you slugging your life in this miserable hell hole. I think if you make a mistake, then it's totally fine because nobody is born perfect. Nobody is born straight knowing what the fuck your company is doing. No. Yet, I get scolded at and gossiped about behind my back how "stupid" I am for not understanding "simple instructions". Simple my ass.

Definitely hate how the bitches in there like to gossip about one another but no decency to tell to the person upstraight. Honestly, if working in the office is going to be like that, I'd rather work anywhere else.

I want to go back to school.

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