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First off, gonna talk about the recent POL-ITE for my hockey team. Let's face it, SP Hockey Team hasn't been the strongest in recent years. So our coach pushed us to our limits to do the best we can and I personally think we achieved what we wanted as a team. For us, it's never about the winning. It's always about the perseverance, endurance, sportsmanship, cooperation. We did well. #HALASP

all in and all out

"ok y'all pretend to laugh"

year 2s coming thru

ayyy defenders

if u malay u by default minah

Went for illumi run with my friends. My first 5km themed run hahaha, when most of the time we just walked and chased after each other. So much for being 18 year olds aye. Loads of fun considering the fact that I had no curfew for the night because the run was at night hehe. Below are some pictures we took along the way, it was really dark so we relied on UV rays and lamp posts lolllll.


while waiting for Ziq to finish peeing lollll

look at our new white shoes we bought just for this run

Couldn't have asked for better company. Basically dragged them along with me to the run because I really wanted to experience something like this and them being good friends, agreed hehe! We bumped into some familiar faces too so everything's great. Hopefully more themed runs in the future that won't burn a hole in our pockets xx

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Photos taken with: iPhone 6


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