momsie's birthday!!!!1!!

ugh teeth

want to cut the cheeks

lunch at somewhere in JB idk

lime sirap mmm

birthday karaoke for the momsie!!!

bad quality selfies in the room T_T

So, went Johore to celebrate momsie's birthday. If you've read my blog since the beginning (LOL), my family and I love to eat huge seafood meals!! Especially if the restaurant has a great view. Then after, we went for some karaoke sesh at this really beautiful place. It looks like a frickin' palace! The weird thing is that smoking is allowed in a non-ventilated room?? There's  shisha, oooh! I wanna go there someday with my friends hehe.

Okay, that is all! x
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Photos taken with: LG G2 x iPhone 6 x Olympus E-PL6


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