Hello there! I'm Natasha, 18 :-) Greetings from a little red dot a.k.a Singapore!

It's pretty normal that I will shy away from strangers but once I get to know you, please be prepared to suffer the life of being my friend. Basically I will embarrass you, even in public, and you will get annoyed but will love me forever and keep me as a friend because I make your life wonderful and colorful, mwehehe!

One of my previous CCA was concert band, hence the love for music. Pretty standard. My taste for music genre is complicated so I shall not bore you with the details. One of my unreal dreams is to work in the fashion industry ((LOL)). I'm a cheapo. Yes, I love cheap thrills. Though I don't mind splurging sometimes. Baking is one of my favorite past time, cooking isn't. Reading books is a must at least once per day. It lets my imagination run, I never run out of imagination. See what I did there? I am hilarious. And oh, I like to self-proclaim too.

By the way, vampbits came from the words vampires and rabbits. Weird right? But it's because I have this really ugly set of teeth. I have like rabbit teeth in the middle and vampire fangs at the right side of my mouth. U-G-L-Y. I can't afford braces at this time )-: Not because I like vampires -.-

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